How To Install FAQ Technical Information
What are ZIAN products made of?
ZIAN uses natural pumice instead of ceramsite.
 It is mixed perfectly with Portland cement, which makes our products are with real color, excellent durability and stable internal structure.

What does ZIAN Stone offer?
We offer a wide selection of manufactured culture stone, culture brick and other cement products.
Our products are easy to install, lightweight and have a significant price advantage over natural stone.

How does ZIAN withstand freeze and thaw cycles?

ZIAN culture stnone products are tested for freeze and thaw durability.
Our products pass the 136th freeze thaw cycle testing without obvious change.
That is because of out special formula by using light weight bonding,ploycarboxylate water-reducing agent,foaming agent and water-proof agent

ZIAN pending oily fluorocarbon resin treatment allows highest waterproof durability.

Will ZIAN Stone fade?

ZIAN introduced Japanese surface color techniques, which enables our products to reach 90% plus high emulation.
 And we only use BAYER(Germany) pigment mixed with pumice to make color natural and non-fading. 

Do you also make customized design?
Yes. We can do any dimension for any products as per client requirement.

 What substrate can ZIAN stone be installed on?
 ZIAN Stone products may be adhered to any properly prepared, clean, untreated and structurally sound substrate such as wood, cement board or masonry. 
How are ZIAN Stone products adhered to wall surfaces?

ZIAN Stone Products can be installed using multiple types of cement mortar over a properly prepared substrate.
Please see Installation Guides for complete details.

Can ZIAN products be used on both exterior and interior applications?

Yes, our products are suitable for both exterior and interior applications.

Do ZIAN Stone products meet Building Code Requirements?
Yes, our products comply with applicable building code requirements. 

How are ZIAN products sold?
Flat pieces are sold by the square foot. Corner pieces are sold by the linear foot. 

What is the average thickness of ZIAN stone?
Average thickness is 1-½" and can vary from 1" to 3" depending on texture.
View our Product Specification Sheets for detailed information regarding a specific stone.

How heavy are ZIAN products?

Average weight ranges from 7 to 12 lbs. per square foot, depending on product.
View our Product Specification Sheetsfor detailed information regarding a specific stone.

How can I get more information or place an order?

Please email, fax or call us to place your order